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Visit Most Famous Canadian Prison

Included: Kingston Penitentiary, breakfast with khachapuri

  • Завершен
  • 170 Canadian dollars
  • Toronto

Описание услуги

COME VISIT THE OLDEST AND MOST FAMOUS CANADIAN PRISON Trip from Toronto to Kingston August 22, 2021, Sunday $ 170 Included: visit to Kingston Penitentiary, breakfast with khachapuri. During this trip, we will visit the historic downtown Kingston and see the main landmarks of the city. The main event of this tour is the Kingston Penitentiary - the most famous prison in Canada. You will Step inside the walls of Canada’s oldest penitentiary and explore the living and working areas, some dating back to the 1830s, hear the personalized accounts from former staff and learn about the history and daily routines, including stories of escapes, riots and everything in between on this guided tour.




3 Goldfinch Court, North York, ON, Canada